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Compact & lightweight multipurpose Off-Camera Flash Accessory

Convert a painters extension pole* into a lighting boom

Mini/Baby Pin 5/8" 16mm & 1/4" 20 TPI Lighting Grip Adaptor
*19mm 3/4" metal threaded tip needed

The SPIG is currently on a break - email Ian to express your interest in future availability

The SPIG various usesThe SPIG various usesThe SPIG various usesThe SPIG various uses
Ships worldwide from Sussex, England
The SPIG specification

The SPIG various usesThe SPIG is the essential compact accessory that every photography should carry in their bag, along with gaffer tape!

The SPIG various uses

The SPIG - originally designed to convert a painters extension pole into a handy lighting boom.
I recommend painters poles with a flat cross section to prevent twist with heavier gear, a metal threaded tip and fibre glass GRP handle which is nor conductive.
Image from a London Location Lighting Workshop with Rick Friedman
The SPIG various uses
The SPIG - after a video shoot out in the sticks with minimal gear actor Jamie Bannerman needed a quick headshot; I attached the painters pole, SPIG and Pixapro CITI600 portable battery flash with collapsible 60cm beauty dish to a rusty old gate giving me a stable substitute light stand
The SPIG various uses
Locking pliers, aka Mole Grips on a fence rail

The SPIG various uses
Create stills and video from a different point-of-view by mounting your DJI Osmo on a painters pole
The SPIG various uses
The SPIG takes up little space in your lighting kit

The SPIG various uses
Make a lightweight boom with a length of 16mm steel tube

The SPIG various uses
Use a bar clamp or webbing cargo strap to fix portable battery flash to trees

The SPIG various uses

The SPIG various uses
With the ball head & Yellow Bungee from the Off Camera Kit it's possible to use a flash umbrella without the need for a umbrella swivel

The SPIG various uses
Using a bar clamp you can fix your off camera flash to gate or fence posts

The SPIG various uses
In the studio use a bar clamp to fix lights etc to your work area

The SPIG various uses
The SPIG various uses
The SPIG and a Platypod Max allow larger gear such as reflector panels & heavier portable battery flash to be attached to trees with a large girth

The SPIG various uses
Many light stands have a 3/8" 16 TPI thread - The SPIG allows you to convert this to 1/4" 20 TPI without the need for a special adaptor
The SPIG various uses
Off camera flash survival kit - with The SPIG, a painter extension pole, locking pliers & bar clamp you have more options to fix your lights without needing a light stand - REMEMBER, most of the accessories used here are available at a local DIY store, hardware store or builders merchant or online


Ian Pack - Designer of The SPIG
E:  Click here to email Ian

T:  +44 7710 81466

S:  C/o Paul Noble Photographic
      Unit 4, Teknol House
      Victoria Road
      Burgess Hill West Sussex RH15 9LH

What SPIG users say

"Really well designed and crafted (even reinforced with heli-coils)"
Sebastian Reimold
SPIG User, Germany

"Great product Ian! It was used on my last photo 'Kilcunda' and much more comfortable for the assistant than holding light stands. It's a very well designed and made product."
Bill Gekas

Multi Awarded and Published Fine Art Portrait Photographer

"I have The SPIG in my bag, just in case.
If it gets me out of a fix it's well worth the price!"
Rick Friedman

Past President, Boston Press Photographers Association

"Pretty cool . . . and reduces the bits of extra kit we carry" 
Jason Hoar
Powerhouse Photo, South Dakota

"Since space is always a consideration when in packing my kit your SPIG is genius"
Peter Williams, Gloucestershire

"Great little gadget to have in your bag. Especially as now available with a good cold shoe. Anyone that uses off camera flash should have The SPIG in their bag"
Beach Davies
Who's moved somewhere warmer & sunnier than England


Ian Pack's headshot
Me - Ian Pack, a bloke with a camera, a passion for lighting & designer of The SPIG

Designed by a working photographer for photographers everywhere

I designed The SPIG to provide a viable alternative to industry produced boom poles. The SPIG (aka 1420 VAL Spigot) is designed to work in line and at 90° to a standard painters extension pole and any number of tools/accessories available from DIY & hardware stores including bar clamps & locking pliers. The SPIG is machined from a solid bar of high quality aluminium and light enough to be carried as part of standard camera lighting kit. It will fit any tube or bar from 6mm x 13mm 1/4" x 1/2" (solid flat cross section) to 19mm 3/4" diameter rod/tube and 1/4" 20 TPI threaded accessories.

Key Features
• Standard 16mm 5/8" Mini Pin with one flat side
• Standard 1/4" 20 UNC steel male thread
• Standard 3/8" 16 UNC steel male thread adaptor 
• Inline and transverse 3/4" holes
  for attaching to painters extension poles, bar clamps, locking pliers etc
• M6x20 thumb screw with reinforced steel insert for secure fixing to
  extension pole etc
• Lightweight aluminium weighs approx. 80g/3.5oz
• 80mm long x 30mm diameter approx.

Designed and Made in England

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