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A comprehensive expert photography service for wine makers, craft beer brewers & distillers of spirits bought to you by Ian Pack a experienced professional photographer & video film maker who's been in the business since the 1980s.

We create studio & location bottle shots, including white & transparent backdrops; studio & location portraits; vistas & vineyards including video & aerial drone still and moving images.

We don't make fine wine, but do create fine images!

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B I O !

With a face fit for radio I'd much rather be behind a camera f609; I don't like to be pigeon-holed and love working on varied assignments which attract & inspire me, whether it's a simple product shot or multi-camera video production.

I'm a established commercial & editorial photographer and film maker. I started in the media business during the early 1980s producing in-house still, video & printed media for a multi-national financial services group. I even photographed a few hundred weddings over the years!

I've been freelance since 1993 and originally trained in video production at Leeds Polytechnic, now Leeds Metropolitan University and television production management with TVS now Meridian TV.

I work on a wide variety of projects with businesses and agencies throughout the UK.


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Online photos can’t simply be re-published, EU court rules Internet users must get photographer’s permission even if images were already freely accessible, says ECJ

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Company directors found personally liable for copyright breach in IPEC
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Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC) UK

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