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WoW Achievement Guide – Top 5 Things To Do Before Cataclysm

Try Dugi's Horde Leveling Guide FREEOn December 7th, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm will finally be in all of our hands, installing on our computers, and filling up our lives for the next few months. Until then, we have just about two months to kill. What are we going to do with that time?

Well, gearing your characters is stupid at this point. I've been in Beta and I can assure you that your epic gear from Icecrown Citadel is going to be replaced fairly quickly. I'm not joking there. You will be replacing it long before you reach level 85. So what else is there to do? Here's the top 5 things to do before Cataclysm.

1. Go Farm Gold

I can promise you that there will be things you need while leveling from 80 to 85, and they'll have to be either made or purchased. You can't have all of the trade skills, so you can bet that you will be shelling out money to buy what you need. Farming gold is easy, so just spend a little time every day doing it and you'll be fine.

2. Level Professions To 450

For the two professions you do have, you're going to want to have them maxed out. High level professions are going to be in a high level of demand, so make sure you're maxed out and ready to go when the big rush happens at Cataclysm. Everyone's going to want to be first. Waiting until after Cataclysm to level your professions is a waste, especially if you're at 300 now.

3. Explore Azeroth And Get Explorer Title

Once the Cataclysm happens, Azeroth is going to go through a dramatic change, and it won't go back. You're not going to be able to visit the old Azeroth. Go around and look at everything one last time. I went around and took screen shots of all of my favorite places. You'll also want to grab your Explorer title and tabard, if you haven't already. It's easy and definitely worth it, even if you never use them.

4. Earn Faction Reputation

When Cataclysm launches, you can bet everyone will be racing to level their guilds. Did you knwo that your individual rep with factions will affect your guild? It will! If you're not in a serious guild right now, you'll still want to max out your rep where you can, so that when you're applying for guilds, you'll have a much better standing. You definitely want to stand out in a game with 12 million players.

5. Complete All The Achievements

As I said before, you won't need any awesome gear when Cataclysm launches because it will all be replaced. A lot of people are sick of raiding or PVP, and just want Cataclysm to hurry up and come out. Well, why not pass the time by grabbing a bunch of easy achievements. Now's the perfect time. Not to mention, I've got excellent news!

Dugi, of Ultimate WoW Guide fame, just released an in-game achievement and profession guide to help you pass the time before Cataclysm. Check out the preview at http://ultimateworldofwarcraftguide.com/go/achievement-guide/.

I'm really excited for this and I've already started using it. It is the FIRST ever Achievment and profession guide on the market, and Dugi has made it 100% automated as an addon you instal and run.

If you're interested in the top five list above, this will help you get all of that in the absolute fastest and easiest way. You can also pick up the Dailies and Event guide and make hundreds of gold a day, only playing for an hour or two. That's definitely worth taking a look at.

Try Dugi's Dailies Guide FREE

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