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Air Direct Review: Get the Scoop on the Latest Gear

I love having the camera ‘untethered,’ because I mostly work with kids, I usually forget the camera is attached to the computer via a cable, and I’m clumsy.
2020/7/01 | Read More

Wireless Streaming with Tether Tools’ Air Direct

Going completely wireless with video is within reach using Ecamm Live, your DSLR or Mirrorless, and Tether Tools’ Air Direct.
2020/6/16 | Read More

To Tether Or Not To Tether

Tethered shooting can be one of the best ways to take your shooting to the next level. Once you’re able to immediately see a much larger and more detailed image pop up you can have more control over your photography.
2020/5/06 | Read More

Love Transported – A New “Social-Distancing” Photo Project by Jeremy Cowart

He then lights the scene with his Profoto D2 lights and captures everything while shooting tethered through Capture One Pro.
2020/4/09 | Read More

How I Do Paid Virtual Portrait Shoots for People Around the World

I tether to my MacBook Pro using a Tether Tools cable and then I do all the editing in Capture One Pro.
2020/4/09 | Read More

Discussing Tether Tools’ new Air Direct at WPPI

Tether Tools’ new wireless technology might just be the key for me to a faster workflow without compromising the mobility and freedom I absolutely need.
2020/3/03 | Read More

How to Use Tethered Capture to Import Images Directly Into Lightroom

Tether Tools products are affordable, durable and are designed for reliability. The JerkStopper is also a must here since it will prevent trips or incidents where you might pull the cable out of the camera mid-shoot.
2020/3/01 | Read More

Using Tether Tools Air Direct Wireless Tethering System

I’ve been using Tether Tools products for years now, so they are a company I trust to create tools I can depend on when I’m on set.
2020/2/19 | Read More

5 Underrated Items in My Camera Bag

There are a number of solutions to this problem at varying price points and levels of effectiveness. But, for a Grade A klutz like me, I’ve found the best solution to be the TetherBlock by Tether Tools.
2020/2/05 | Read More

Best Tech Holiday Gifts

With the Tether Tools Case Air Wireless Tethering System , photographers can easily and quickly monitor their images mid-shoot, with the capability to transfer to phone, tablet, or computer.
2019/12/03 | Read More

Digital Camera World Reviews the Air Direct

Although the Air Direct has immediate appeal to the studio photographer, the ability to send an image to a computer at speed and without cables is also of use for professionals working on a location, that, say want to see the images they are shooting on a bigger screen.
2020/1/27 | Read More

Portable Location Power for Photographers and Filmmakers

Products like the Case Relay have made lives a lot easier for a lot of DSLR and mirrorless shooters when it comes to power.
2019/11/05 | Read More

3 Different Fashion Shots on Location

When shooting fashion or beauty, I always shoot tethered so I can collaborate with my team. I also set up my Tether Tools Case Air to wirelessly transmit my images to my iPad…
2019/07/29 | Watch video

Tether Tools ONsite Pro Bundle

It lets you shoot like I’m doing here, on location…. so I can power all my peripherals. “It uses a D-Tap battery, which is very versatile for powering all kinds of things. You can use this battery to power your laptop, and other systems…and video lights and video cameras. It’s a very versatile battery.
2019/07/22 | Watch video

Four Reasons to Shoot Tethered

nothing beats looking at a photo at 15 inches, or 27 inches or even 100 inches. You can pay attention to details you may have missed. I’d rather spend five minutes fixing a shirt on set than ten minutes wrestling with it in post production.
2019/06/04 | Watch video

Bring Power ONsite with Tether Tools Latest System

When you travel out on location, those outlets can’t exactly travel with you. That is what makes the Tether Tools ONsite Power Management System so useful—especially if you are a photographer who would benefit greatly from taking your tethering setup on the road.
2019/03 | Read more

Fstoppers Reviews the Tether Tools Case Relay System

From time-lapse photography to video, many photographers need more battery power than their camera system can adequately hold on board. …there is an answer for those looking to create images and video: the Case Relay from Tether Tools.
2018/11/03 | Read more

Tether Tools Case Relay Review | Constant Power For Your Camera Gear

What do you get for the $99 investment in the Case Relay? You get that thing which is so desirable in power solutions for electronic devices: simplicity and reliability!
2018/10/22 | Read more
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Tether Tools D-Tap to AC

If you’re in the video industry, odds are you have a bunch of D-Tap batteries sitting around. Those batteries are power you can harness and use when you’re on location.
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Tether Tools Introduces ONsite Power Solutions

With ONsite power, you’ll finally get a bit of peace of mind.
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Tether Tools Unveils ONsite Power Line of Charging Accessories

The device pairs with a standard D-Tap battery and has a pair of AC outlets and four fast-charging USB ports.
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Tether Tools Introduces ONsite Power Portable D-Tap Battery Power Solutions

ONsite Power is a travel-friendly, long-lasting, and versatile power solution
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Tether Tools Powers Up with New ONsite Accessories

If you need portable power, Tether Tools’ new ONsite Power line of accessories may just do the trick.
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Tether Tools Case Air – A First Look

The Tether Tools Case Air is a great and much more affordable alternative to the CamRanger, and with a host of good features.
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Hands-On Review: Testing the Tether Tools TetherPro USB-C Cables

the TetherPro USB-C Cable is a no-brainer to include in your gear bag.
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A Breath of Fresh Air: Simon Stafford takes a look at the Case Air Wireless Tethering System

SnapBridge, the Case Air system provides a useful and practical range of features in a small, lightweight unit, supported by reliable software
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TetherBlock Can Save You From an Expensive DSLR Repair

Reduce the stress and save the port with a TetherBlock
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Tether Tools Releases a Variety of USB-C Cables for All Your New Gear Needs

The cable does what it is supposed to perfectly: transfer files at high speed.
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Tether Tools Frees Us From Dongle Life With The USB Type-C Cable

We have this nice little future-proofed tether cable that removes the dongle from the equation.
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The Latest Tech Shaping the Photo Industry

The system delivers a steady flow of power to your camera—essentially, a never-ending battery.
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Unlimited Battery For Your Camera with the Tether Tools Case Relay

It’s a great little product. I highly suggest it
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Tutorial: Tether Tools’ Aero Drone Launch Pad

We’ve been very impressed at how useful this piece of gear is, especially when shooting in remote locations.
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Field Test: Case Air Wireless Tethering (and my remote camera blues from Saturday’s NFL Playoffs)

It’s super lightweight; it’s very cleverly designed, and all connects in seconds
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Real World Review : All About Remote Control

Winner-winner, chicken dinner!
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Goodbye Tether Cords: Testing out the New Case Air Wireless Tethering System

But to much of my surprise (not being paid to say this), the Case Air proved me wrong and kicked ass.
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Case Air Wireless Tethering System – Review

Solid build, compact, light-weight, and quick set up time.
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Quick Tip: How to get X12 more time than the Sony camera battery

If you are shooting with a Sony camera, you know that they eat and spit batteries faster than I eat M&Ms…And this is where the Case Relay comes into play.
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Tether Tools TetherBoost Pro | Hands On With The Connectivity Solution

All in all, if you’re shooting in a professional environment with a client, or just at all, it’s good to have this…It’s a good product. I recommend.
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New Case Air system lets you wirelessly tether your camera to any portable device

As well as tethering your camera, the Case Air system allows you to control advanced camera settings such focus points, exposure, bracketing, time-lapse, HDR and more.
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Tether Tools Case Relay – Location Time-Lapse Tool Made Right!

One of my favorite new products comes from the folks at Tether Tools. They see a photographers needs, and rush in to solve the problem. I first found them while hunting down a great table system for shooting while tethered. They got that game DOWN!
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First Impressions: Tether Tools Case Air Wireless Tethering Dongle

The wireless tethering options available on the market haven’t been many over the years; but the new Tether Tools Case Air dongle is looking to change that and do it at an affordable price.
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Case Air Wireless System Transfers Images from Your Camera to a Computer & Wireless Devices

The innovative new Case Air wireless from Tether Tools is an innovative wireless system enabling you to transfer images from your camera to a computer, tablet or smartphone with robust remote control of your settings.
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Tether Tools Case Air Hands-on Photos

Check out our hands-on gallery of photos of the Case Air wireless tethering solution from Tether Tools.
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Tether Tools Case Air Wireless Tethering System

To a photographer or filmmaker, Case Air provides new and exciting tools to collaborate and capture the shot.
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Tether Tools Case Air Wireless Tether System Teaches Old DSLRs New Tricks

Called the Case Air Wireless Tethering System, the device connects to your camera’s USB port and creates its own Wi-Fi network to wirelessly send images from your camera to a mobile device or computer.
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Tether Tools wants some CamRanger action, launches Case Air wireless tether at half the price

According to Tether Tools, the Case Air can go for 6-9 hours on a single charge.
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Tether Tools Is Now the Official Distributor of the CamRanger Competitor CASE Remote Air

Tether Tools is actually a large partner of the CASE team, and helped develop the technology and design of the product.
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Case Remote Air Makes Your DSLR Smart(er): Control It Via WIFI

It enables you to wirelessly control your camera with your smartphone or PC through a WiFi hotspot
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How To Produce Cooler Wedding Images With Tether Tools’ RapidMount PowrGrip Kit

Tether Tools has many, many mounting options, and the PowrGrip is one of our favorites because of it’s ability to get our light in tight spaces; it truly works with us to be a solution and not just another option.

TetherBoost Pro Lets Photogs Tether at 65 Feet Without Signal Loss

Tether Tools has announced TetherBoost Pro, a product that lets photographers shoot with a tethered USB 3.0 connection of up to 65 feet without any frustrating signal drops.

Finally, a reliable 65-foot USB connection

Everyone, at some point or another, has wished that they could have a longer USB cable: whether it’s a few more inches to reach the plug under your desk, a 5-foot long cord to plug a phone in on your nightstand, or a 65-foot long USB cable that stretches across your implausibly-large-yet-poorly-wired house.
Yahoo Tech

New tethering device could eliminate connections dropped for lack of power

Dropped connections are a common issue when shooting with a tether, but Tether Tools believes they’ve discovered a solution that will work at up to 65 feet.
Photography Blog July

TetherBoost Pro

Tether Tools today introduced the new TetherBoost Pro System, billed as “the first streamlined solution for common USB 3.0 tether connection challenges.”
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Tether Tools RapidMount Systems: RapidMount EasyGrip, MaxClamp, & SuperFlex Arm | Review

We think the mounts are competitively priced and a good value considering what you get: well-thought-out and well-tested mounts that are versatile and a great addition to any photographer’s kit. 5 stars.
Yahoo Tech

The Aero LaunchPad is the best way to let your drone take flight

Considering how fragile drones can be, it’s amazing that the best solution for launching them up until now has been placing them on the ground and lifting off from there.
Photography Blog June

Aero LaunchPad

Tether Tools’ Aero LaunchPad is a stable portable and elevated platform designed for drone enthusiasts.
photofocus May 2016

TetherTools Case Relay Review and Tips for Lengthy Exposures

The Tether Tools Case Relay system is a good way to power your tools for the long haul. Just be sure to prepare for all the other stuff, too.
Fstoppers april 2016

Leave Your Camera Batteries at Home With the New Case Relay System

The Case Relay Camera Power System works as exactly advertised. It allows you to seamlessly use your camera without the interruption of switching batteries or losing power.
doddle april 2016

Never Lose Battery Power With Tether Tools Case Relay

Tether Tools has solved the problem with a new product called the Case Relay Camera Power System (CPS).

Tether Tools Case Relay Power System

Camera batteries usually pick the worst moments to fail. We’ve all been there…But Tether Tools’ new Case Relay Power System lets you defy the limitations of your camera’s battery altogether.
broadcast beat april 2016

Tether Tools Introduces Infinite Camera Power via any USB Battery Pack. Available Now.

Case Relay Consistently Powers Cameras via 5V USB External Battery & AC Power
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This Hot-Swap System lets you Power your Camera for an Infinite Amount of Time

What’s important here is not so much the tech itself, but the massive gap in the market it fills. It’s a simple solution for a simple problem has never been properly addressed, which is always a good thing.
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Uninterrupted power for your DSLR (and many other devices)

Imagine being able to shoot without worrying about the battery dying!
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Tether Tools’ Case Relay provides continuous power for many DSLR and mirrorless cameras

The Case Relay Camera Power System from Tether Tools offers ‘infinite camera power’ for most DSLR and mirrorless cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic. The system works via a DC coupler that plugs into both the camera’s battery port and the Case Relay. The Relay plugs into either a 5V USB external battery or a wall outlet.
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Tether Tools Unveils Case Relay Power System for Infinite Camera Power

Tether Tools has released the Case Relay Power System, which allows you to connect an external power source such as USB battery packs or AC power. When the external pack runs low on power, you can hot swap to another USB battery pack without losing power to your camera.

Tether Tools Case Relay Camera Power System

The Tether Tools Case Relay Camera Power System (CPS) is the first uninterruptible power system that consistently powers a camera via any common USB 5-volt power pack or wall power.
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Tether Tools Introduces Cost Effective Camera Power System for Video Recording and Timelapse Photography

TetherTools has introduced the new Case Relay Camera Power System that allows you to power your DSLR for timelapse and video shooting without power interruption. The Case Relay Power System plugs into your camera’s battery port using a compatible camera coupler and provides a built-in UPS to power to your camera even when the connected power source needs to be swapped.
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Tether Tools Case Relay Let’s You Power your Camera from a USB

We have been looking for a way to power our camera with USB since we published our review of the PowerAdd Pilot Pro 32000mAh Battery – which can power a laptop and any type of USB device you can throw at it but can’t really charge a camera (at least not DSLRs and most mirrorless cameras).
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Never again run out of battery power? Case Relay’s Camera Power System offers near “infinite” power

For photographers that need constant power when working and can’t afford to have even a slight delay, Tether Tools has released the Case Relay Camera Power System, the world’s first power system that provides uninterrupted power to your camera via USB 5V or wall power.
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Tether Tools Just Gave Your Camera Incredible Battery Life

Camera batteries usually pick the worst moments to fail. We’ve all been there. The typical solution is to simply stock up on extra batteries. But Tether Tool’s new Case Relay Power System lets you defy the limitations of your camera’s battery altogether.

Case Relay is a Hot Swap System for Non-Stop Power to Your Camera

Tether Tools today unveiled a new product for photographers called the Case Relay. The company says it’s the world’s first system that lets you provide uninterruptible power for a DSLR or mirrorless camera using any standard 5V USB battery pack or a wall outlet.

Tether Tools at PhotoPlus Expo 2015

Live from PhotoPlus Expo 2015! Lauren Kapinos-Simons from Tether Tools joins us on the BeTerrific PhotoPlus 2015 Live Show to show us the newest products from Tether Tools including Rapid Mounts!
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PhotoPlus Expo Gear Report

TetherTools continues to push into new product categories as the company matures. Moving beyond the PowrGrip, MaxClamp, EasyGrip and SuperFlex Arm, the company developed a proprietary adhesive, which claims to stick the new Q20 GoPro and SLX Speedlight mounts to any smooth, painted or lightly textured surface. The kicker? The adhesive easily removes without damage, or leaving any residue.
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A Look at Tether Tools SLX and Q20 – Mounted Wedding and Event Lighting Options

The RapidMount SLX can let the photographer to mount a light both horizontally and vertically the Q20 does the same with a small articulating arm for microphones, GoPros etc.
The front cover for Rangefinder magazine

Rangefinder – Buyers Guide

Designed to maintain a strong signal connection between your camera and computer when shooting tethered, the Tether Boost Core Controller is the perfect solution, especially when shooting at distances of 15 feet or more.
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Stay Connected with the Tether Tools TetherBoost Core Controller

You start jiggling the cable in the ports, you try the laptop connection and the camera connection, but nothing works. You reboot the computer—twenty minutes gone and you’re still not sure the problem has been solved. Do you hear that whooshing noise? It’s the sound of the steam coming out of your shoot.

Photoshop World 2015 Expo Floor- Tether Tools

We’re at the Tether Tools booth. These guys have all kinds of stuff for Tethered Shooting.

Can we replicate Apple’s Watch Ad in camera in ONE shot?

Over here, we have more Tether Tools stuff to make sure everything is nice and locked down…

Tether Tools Brings Us Portable Photo Booths with Vu Booth

Ever wish you had an extra hand to hold something when you’re on a shoot? Look no further than the Tether Tools StrapMoore.

New Gear: Tether Tools Vu Booth Modular Photo Booth System

Setting up a photo booth for a company party or wedding that you’re covering can involve a lot of work, and require an awful lot of large and ungainly gear. The folks at Tether Tools want to change that, with a light, flexible, modular system that works with standardized mounts and gear you already have to set up your photo booth shooting rig easily.

Mobile Creativity Accessories

(Page 26)
Customers serious about integrating mobile device and DSLR will likely need custom mounting options. TetherTools has a whole range of products for photographers and videographers, including the Wallee Connect Kit for iPad…

Trending Products

(Page 9)
Tether Tools has the answer. VuBooth offers a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to create a photo booth for any event. It’s a modular system that’s easy to transport and works with a tripod.

Vu this: a Photo Booth “made easy”

The Vu Booth introduces a solution that allows photographers to integrate gear they already have on hand to create a portable and streamlined photo booth for their clients.

Tether Tools and BlackRapid Team Up To Create A Shoulder Strap for your iPad

Tether Tools is a company creating photography accessories for mainly in-studio and on-location shoots–as well as solutions for tethering. BlackRapid creates camera straps that have become an essential companion for some hardcore photographers because of their strap’s utility and functionality. When you put these two companies together, you get the TabStrap for the Wallee System which includes a shoulder strap, connector, and bracket to work with your iPad…

Two ways to keep kids looking at the camera

Photographers and parents know it is not always easy to keep the attention of the little ones or pets during a shoot, Tether Tools adds. “The Look Lock System is designed to keep kids and animals looking at the camera’s lens and allowing you to focus on what you do best – create great images.”

Mobile Creativity Accessories

Ever wish you had an extra hand to hold something when you’re on a shoot? Look no further than the Tether Tools StrapMoore.

Best of 2012

It can help keep kids and pets entertained during shoots, take awesome POV videos or be used as a small teleprompter when shooting video.

Tether Tools launches TetherPro photography cables

The new High-Visibility Orange USB Male-A to Mini-B and Active Extension Tethering Cables and High-Visibility Cat6 Network Cables help ensure cables can be seen throughout the studio or during on-location shoots.

I really love Tether Tools’ stuff, and so will the photographer on your gift list

I really love their stuff, and so will the photographer on your gift list.
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Gripping your iPad

With this simple system the iPad is very light when not mounted into any stand, so hand holding transition is easy. As well, with the TetherTools set-up, once the hub is off, you have a lightweight back protector for your iPad.

Wallee Connect by Tether Tools is the perfect companion for all photographers and filmmakers.

The Wallee Connect is part of a wide variety of tools available for the iPad, all designed by Tether Tools to make iPads more accessible in every aspect of our lives. The collection ranges from stands and cases to wall mounts, and now an iPad can even attach to professional film and photo equipment.

The Right Tool for the Job

Tether Tools, those clever designers of the Tether Table Aero System, has launched an accessory compartment, the Aero XDC, to assist photographers shooting tethered with external hard drives. The Aero XDC and XDC Duo hold one or two drives and mount flush to the under-surface of any Tether Table Aero.

Tether Table Aero Master Review

I then came across a company called Tether Tools who specifically make a whole range of products to make tethering easier. I want to chat about a handful of their products. Firstly, as we are already talking about Laptop platforms, lets start there.

Tether Tools has come up with clever must-have accessories

Have you ever had a sync cable suddenly come loose from your camera? I have. Their JerkStopper Camera Support ($16.95) removes the stress and strain from the cord to ensure that the plug stays connected and protected from damage.